Since 50 years, Officina Meccanica Schiatti Angelo srl manufactures glass working machines.


With 50 years of activity, a good knowledge of  production problems, more than 18.000 machines have been manufactured. These range from straight and double edgers, straight bevellers, automatic arrising machines, drillers and glass loaders/unloaders. This makes us an ideal partner for both small and big companies nationally and internationally.
At Schiatti, every step of the machine production process is run in-house: from the initial fabrication ,machining , painting, and assembly up to testing and shipping taking the utmost care in every detail.
Schiatti, cover everything from the initial concept,  it’s design, development final production;  marketing and after sales service

Service is not limited to  only obtaining orders but includes continued  assistance through a network of agents and representatives working in all strategic geographical areas.