Meet the Team

Mauro has been in SCHIATTI since 2001

Has it already been 22 years? In fact I had just finished the military service when I arrived at SCHIATTI.
I remember it was September and I wanted to make a good impression because my father was working in the company as mechanical fitter.
Dad has been retired for quite a while, but I still care about doing well.

From quality to spare parts office

Yes, at the beginning I was assisted by the head of the purchasing office but I was also in charge of quality. Over the years I became the connection between the technical and purchasing office and the workshop because I take charge of the project and develop the bill of materials that will be used by my colleagues in purchasing dept. (for orders) and the warehouse and workshop (for actual production of the machine).

Has the way of working changed in 22 years?

I would say yes. If I think how digitization has impacted the service office, I can say that today we operate in a more steamlined and faster way. Communication via Whatsapp makes us timely and effective, the remote connection methods on the machines allow us to check failures or set parameters in real time. Formerly the machines were just “set of iron” but today they have on highly advanced electronics too. This also broadens our competencies.

And the atmosphere at Schiatti?

Always familiar. When I arrived here, over twenty years ago, Mr. Angelo was there to welcome me. Today his sons are at the head of the company and the relationship has not changed. We are grown up but we are all close, friends.

The most beautiful day?

When, working at quality office, we obtained ISO 9001 certification twice in a row. I was young then, with the only skills that school had given me. Putting them into practice and seeing them materialize into a positive goal for the company has filled me with satisfaction.

Thanks (if you want) to whom?

To the two Marco.
To Marco Schiatti, who was in charge of the purchasing department when I got here at the company. He let me in and mentored me until 4 years ago, when he retired.
And thanks to Marco Mariani, who is my current senior in the service and spare parts office, and is also a true friend. Other than job I share with him some passions such as campervan and mountains. He would be perfect if only he also liked the bike, to be precise the "bike packing", which is my first love!

And tomorrow?

Closer and closer to the machines. Working in spare parts means to know them well, but I'd like to learn more about their mechanics, to always do better in my role and, who knows, maybe even discover adjacent roles.

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