Meet the Sales Network

Beside the people who work in the company, SCHIATTI also includes an important national and international network of sales agents who, each in their own territory, represent and promote our machines, our brand, our philosophy.

Today, to meet an important representative of this network, we go to São Paulo, Brazil. Talking to us is Mr. Yveraldo Gusmão from Gusmão Representações ltda.

Yveraldo, tell us about yourself: how did you start working in this sector and then with Schiatti?

I started in the glass industry working at Pilkington Blindex when the float glass factory was opened; it was 1984. In 1991 I moved to the sale of glass working machinery with Makivetro and only after that I decided to open my own representative company. I did it when I realized that the glass processing equipment market was requesting for better machines and ongoing assistance.

It was then that I met Schiatti, looking in Italy for a reliable manufacturer of machines for glass who could guarantee me, over the years, a constant growth based on technology, know-how and assistance.

And how did your work go in the beginning?

At the beginning I visited clients in Brazil with President Angelo Schiatti, a man who has represented a lot in my professional life, but to whom I am also grateful on a personal level. We shared so many things during our business trips. I remember that once, reading the list of customers to visit that I had prepared, Angelo identified one who had as a supplier, one of his competitors, and asked me why we were going there. So I got away with a joke and I said "let's take a short visit, just the time to have a coffee . Maybe he decides to give us a chance and I'm sure if he tried one of our machines, he would be happy.” Today that customer not only bought his first SCHIATTI glass machine, but gradually replaced all his previous equipment with Schiatti; I speak of the company VITRAL VIDROS PLANOS DE BRASILIA - Sr. RICARDO DE OLIVERA that today has the largest number of SCHIATTI machines in its factory.

Perseverance and determination combined with excellent work and equipments, lead to guaranteed results.

And today? Tell us about the latest success that made you proud of your work.

Every sale is important. Sometimes it is a machine, sometimes a higher number, but my pride is always proportional to the customer satisfaction. This is why working with Schiatti is a guarantee: Schiatti glass machines are strong, reliable, technologically advanced and long-lasting. Last but not least, those who "buy Schiatti" know they can have constant assistance and maintenance, fundamental requirements to avoid downtime and to keep the machinery in good health for a long time.

I feel proud to work with a company that not only produces quality machines but also cares about customer satisfaction.

What distinguishes Schiatti from other manufacturers of glass machines?

Customer care is great. And this made the difference in a difficult period of recession like 2019 and like the one we are facing with Covid and that, although there are good signs of recovery, we cannot say that we have still completely overcome.

Digitalization is helping us, and in this too, Schiatti has proved to be an active partner ready to suggest new tools and new solutions, including for remote assistance.

What is your prediction for the future of the glass market in Brazil?

We are a young, willing and dynamic country. Our will to overcome the difficulties has already manifested itself with the first signs of economic recovery.
Since I started working in this sector until today, the glass market in Brazil has made enormous progress and the same can be done.

I think each of us is asked to always work to the best of our ability.
If we all do our part, everything will go well.