It's time for agents | Peter Hawkins (UK)

Angelo Schiatti agent for the UK market glass machinery

Perfect service, high quality machines and technical support: a strong collaboration since 1975.

Here is the experience of Peter Hawkins, Angelo Schiatti agent for the UK market.

“I first became agent for Schiatti Angelo in 1975 when working for Powergrind Ltd.

We had been after the agency for a couple of years, and were very happy when this materialised.

As Powergrind, who were also producers of quality glass machines, did not have a vertical straight line edger in their range we were very keen to take on only the best.

Schiatti stood out, not only because it was very well engineered, but the fact that it had been designed by someone who understood that the equipment would need servicing. In this regard all Schiatti machines can be readily serviced and all parts easily accessible. Additionally, all meetings with Mr. Schiatti gave confidence that you were dealing an honest hard working company.

Initially, we concentrated on the AR/RI range of peripheral wheel machines, and instantly got the Schiatti name accepted on the UK market, to the detriment of other brands which had been previously accepted. Later on the FPS range were introduced and these too flourished.

Although Powergrind had manufactured double drilling machines for many years it was decided to drop these in favour of the more advanced Schiatti FPD60.

I left Powergrind in 1988 and, because of my previous relationship with Mr. Schiatti and Cinzia, we agreed that my new company should take over the selling and service in the UK. This great relationship has lasted another 30 years and many many machines later.”