Corner machine

2/8 mm


Corner machine - Raggiatrice - Smussatrice
Application areas
Technical Datasheet
  • The conveyor with polyurethane timing belts is dual-drive and can be adjusted to all thicknesses
  • Two pairs of squaring stops to square up the glass sheets before the grinding process
  • Each unit has been designed to accommodate up to 3 diamond tools on the same spindle
  • Two corners can be processed simultaneously and each can be of different radius or profile
  • The centering of the wheels is automatic
  • The spindles can be positioned to allow the operator to perform, in a simple and fast way, maintenance and replacement of wheels
  • All functions, commands and parameters are controlled by the touch-screen CNC
  • Close–circuit water cooling system
  • Protection and safety devices to protect the operator
  • Electrical system in compliance to the EC in force
  • The machine can be put in line with double edgers models. BFT and BFP
Especially suitable to medium/big glass companies for the production of mirrors and glass for kitchen appliances

Corner machine

for the production of variable radii or cant corners

Technical Datasheet

rs812 thickness ranging

thickness ranging

2/8 mm
rs812 dimensioni


min. 400x200 mm - max. 1.200x1.200 mm
rs812 max load

max load

70 Kg
rs812 height of work surface

height of work surface

900 mm
rs812 total capacity

total capacity

17 kW
rs812 tank capacity

tank capacity

320 l
rs812 air consumption

air consumption

12 Nl/min
rs812 forward speed

forward speed

1/10 m/min
rs812 corner


45° corner cut up to 50 mm
rs812 radius


min. 3 mm - max. 50 mm
rs812 overall weight

overall weight

2.678 Kg
rs812 number of cycles per minute

number of cycles per minute

Wheel composition RS812
dt Mola diamantata per filo
Edge diamond wheel
estensione Estensione 1m in altezza
1m height extension
lavatrice Lavatrice
Washer/dryer unit
d Mola diamantata piana
Flat diamond wheel
spuntatore Dispositivo spuntatore
Dubbing device
incisore Incisore
Grooving device
l Mola lucidante piana
Flat polishing wheel
spray Sistema spray per cinghie
Spray system for belts
codici Lettura dei codici a barre
Bar-code reader
fd Mola filetto diamantato
Arris diamond wheel
tavolo Tavolo supporto vetro
Glass supporting table
squadre Squadre per la foratura di serie
Adjustable glass support line for mass-drilling
fl Mola filetto lucidante
Arris polishing wheel
vasca Vasca e pompa
Pump and tank
scivolo Scivolo raccolta acqua
Water chute for glass supporting table
co Feltro lucidante
Felt polishing wheel
laser Sistema di centratura laser
Laser centering device
cambio Cambio utensili automatico
Automatic tool changing
db Mola bachelitica
Bakelite wheel
Rettificatore utensili
Tool dresser
sp Spuntatore
Dubbing device