Turnover unit

3/10 mm


Turnover unit
Application areas
Technical Datasheet
  • Can be connected to straight-line edgers or bevellers
  • Rotating arm fully automatic
  • A system of photoelectric cells “reads” the glass sizes
  • The PLC process the collected data and starts the working cycle
  • Vacuum-pads hold the glass while rotating
  • An automatic fan located on the backboard provides an air-cushion to prevent the glass-sheets being scratched during rotation
  • A dog clutch manages the time of the working cycle
  • Glass-sheets of any dimension can be processed in succession
  • A set of photoelectric cells located along the line eliminate the risk of any glass impact
  • Protection and safety devices to protect the operator
  • Electrical system in compliance to the EC in force
Suitable for medium and large industries & glassworks. Automation of glass rotation


unit to rotate glass-sheets through 90°

Technical Datasheet

turnover thickness ranging

thickness ranging

3/10 mm
turnover minimum dimension

minimum dimension

300x300 mm
turnover max dimension

max dimension

4.000x2.500 mm
turnover max load

max load

250 Kg
turnover total capacity

total capacity

10 kW
turnover air consumption

air consumption

20 Nl/min
turnover forward speed

forward speed

5 m/min
turnover overall weight

overall weight

3.000 Kg
dtMola diamantata per filo
Edge diamond wheel
estensioneEstensione 1m in altezza
1m height extension
Washer/dryer unit
dMola diamantata piana
Flat diamond wheel
spuntatoreDispositivo spuntatore
Dubbing device
Grooving device
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Flat polishing wheel
spraySistema spray per cinghie
Spray system for belts
codiciLettura dei codici a barre
Bar-code reader
fdMola filetto diamantato
Arris diamond wheel
tavoloTavolo supporto vetro
Glass supporting table
squadreSquadre per la foratura di serie
Adjustable glass support line for mass-drilling
flMola filetto lucidante
Arris polishing wheel
vascaVasca e pompa
Pump and tank
scivoloScivolo raccolta acqua
Water chute for glass supporting table
coFeltro lucidante
Felt polishing wheel
laserSistema di centratura laser
Laser centering device
cambioCambio utensili automatico
Automatic tool changing
dbMola bachelitica
Bakelite wheel
Rettificatore utensili
Tool dresser
Dubbing device