SCHIATTI at GBA: GlassBuild America

The stars and stripes event, promoted by the NGA (National Glass Association), is set for September 13, in Atlanta (USA).

The three-day event is expected by all operators of the glass industry and promises, as always, to be one of the greatest venues for buyers and sellers.

SCHIATTI at GBA: on show our edger SME10B 


As always, we will not miss the rendezvous.
Our USA agent DeGorter and our SME10B will be waiting for you.
The SME10B variable angle straight-line edger is our flagship for multiple grinding operations.
Equipped with mitering system from 0 to 45 degrees, it can work thicknesses from 3 to 30 mm.
The SME10B can be arranged in line with the turnover for the processing of the 4 sides, becoming a fully automatic machine.

The Schiatti edger for Industry 4.0


It is suitable for accomplish several finished products, including shelves, steps and balustrades, it can be equipped with devices compliant with Industry 4.0.
Thanks to a dedicated software and the suitable connection tools, the edger can be connected to the company network, interacting with the other machines.
Also through this connection, from the Schiatti factory, we will be able to check and step in when necessary, carrying out predictive and scheduled maintenance actions.

We wait for you at STAND 2731!