Schiatti is also

While considering automation and energy saving to be a very important focus around which our R&D also revolves, we don’t want to lose sight of other important things which, we believe, define us. 

Close to the customer with customization 

We believe that one of the best ways to understand and fulfill customer requests is to shape technology and service on him.
The needs can be different, starting from the scale of the production but also, more simply, from the space available in the company to receive a machine.

First instance customization 

This is the simplest level: we consider it an adjustment of the machine to a range of needs which, over time, we have encountered and listed as “more common”.
For this reason, we have made certain that each of our glass processing machines is matched with a wide range of optionals, able to model processes and production on the customer.

Second instance customization

Alongside a “from catalogue” fleet of machines, which includes all our models of straight-line edgers, double-edgers and drills, there is the possibility of more in-depth customization, aimed at more substantial modification of the machines.
These modifications come from specific customer needs, which are carefully analyzed during the design phase. The result is a tool sized to particular needs and processes, such as the composition of the wheels.

Close to the customer with after-sales service

We have always promised ourselves to have very short response times, so that you can have information and solutions in good times that avoid prolonged machine stops and support production. But alongside a quick, we consider of equal importance the fact that there are always trained, professional and humanly welcoming people like all our technicians at the service of the customers.

In the same way our representatives and distributors, who represent us in many countries around the world, keep up towards customers the same availability, proactivity and kindness that are typical of Schiatti.

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