Schiatti supports International Year of glass

It could be  in 2022. The proposal to proclaim the 2022 as International Year of glass is currently being examined by the United Nations General Assembly.


Why dedicate a year to glass?

Because it is the material that, since the dawn of human civilization, has accompanied us in art and work,  becoming a work of art, an instrument, a jewel.

Because it is an eco-sustainable material that, if well disposed of (and we have been able to do so for a long time), can be recycled practically indefinitely, truly being “friendly” towards the planet’s resources.

Because it is an invaluable material for its conservation properties and for the protection from any contamination it offers, especially to food.


1000 signatures for the motion


To be taken into consideration by the Commission, the initiative has to be presented with the signing of at least 1000 of representatives of the glass world, coming from 1000 different countries.

We ask each of you from the industry and art glass world to support the iniziative.

To do this, simply fill out the form at this link



Why support the initiative?


It is important to focus the world’s attention on the glass, its features and potentialities.

The project, already legitimated by a celebratory intent for the incredible history of glass in human life, art and technology, could also have a fundamental role in the future development of its use.



The associations’ support to the project


The importance of the project is evidenced by the great participation of the trade associations that have made, in many ways, their support public, starting from ICG (International Commission on Glass) and Glass Art Society, who submitted the request, up to our local GIMAV and VITRUM, who have well explained, in public letters and press releases, how glass plays a fundamental role in the country’s economy and how the initiative could be an important moment of union, comparison and increase of its economic and cultural role in the future.



Of course SCHIATTI as well supports the iniziative. We invite you to do the same.


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